Massage Treatments

Mini Massage

                    30 minutes - $75


A relaxing massage using effleuage and petrisage strokes.

                    60 minutes - $95,

                    90 minutes - $140


Combines Swedish and deep tissue on specific areas.

                    60 minutes - $105      

                    90 minutes - $155

Deep tissue

Very deep work concentrating on target areas for total relaxation. 

                    60 minutes - $120  

                     90 minutes - $175

Hot Stone Massage

Native American therapy combining warm basalt lava rocks with gentle massage to gently relax and de-stress the muscle tissue and the mind.

                    90 minute - $195       

Pregnancy Massage 

Relaxes tension and stress of lower back and legs.  Soothing for both mother and baby. 

                    60 minutes - $120


A relaxing and gentle massage using  custom blended oils to balance and calm the spirit and body.  

                    60 minutes - $175


Pressure point therapy on the feet to treat conditions through the body.           

                    30 minutes - $75

                    90 minutes - $145

Thai Massage

Traditional Thai massage, done in loose clothing on a floor mat, is an extraordinary method of aligning the energies in the body and originates for the time of Buddha.

                    90 minutes - $205

                    120 minutes - $245

Couples Massage

Commune with your partner side by side during this romantic, relaxing experience with music and candlelight.

                    90 minutes -  $350

Couples Massage Instruction

Let our massage instruction teach you and your partner the basic techniques of Swedish Massage.  The relaxing and invigorating massage affects nerves, muscles, glands and circulation while promoting health and well-being.

                    150 minutes -  $450

New Body Lush Treatment

Body Lush Treatment hydrating Wrap is great for shedding dry skin buildup. Skin is first exfoliated then wrapped in a moisture-binding mask and heated with warm blankets. Soft as silk finish.

                    60 minutes $150